November 27, 2021

My PADI Interview: Chris Azab, PADI Course Director & Elite Instructor


Chris Azab, a highly experienced PADI Course Director and Tec Deep/Trimix Instructor, has been diving “a long time”. With an impressive 11,000+ dives in her logbook, she’s no stranger to the PADI Professional lifestyle, conducting Instructor Development Courses in the Netherlands and Egypt and teaching in her mother tongue of […]

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Long Beach Scuba Show – June 4-5

For 29 years, the Scuba Show has been connecting Southern Californians with the spirit, magic and adventure of diving. A great event for anyone who has ever considered taking up the water sport, the Scuba Show is the ideal place to get information and to get started. Throughout the weekend, attendees will have access to hundreds of enthusiastic scuba […]

Breakthrough Rebreather Technology Announced

Text by Jill Heinerth Ask a rebreather diver what drives their rebreather and they will undoubtedly tell you, the oxygen sensors. These annually disposable devices are critical to creating a safe breathing loop and yet when not functioning properly can reduce a $10,000 investment in life support to a useless hulk of unusable equipment. Oxygen […]

America’s Largest Dive Expo

This will be the 29th annual Dive Expo Scuba Show that brings together 300+ exhibitors from all over the world in a 76,000 square foot exhibit space. They will be having over $40,000 in door prizes to be given away, their biggest giveaway yet. This means their will be dozens of winners walking away with […]

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Snorkeling Vs Scuba Diving

This infographic aims to compare snorkeling with scuba diving and looks at the history behind the two activities and the differences in terms of equipment and required training. It also provides a handy guide for the best practices (do’s and don’t’s) in order to stay safe when carrying out the activities. Lastly it explores the […]

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7 Myths About Scuba Diving

Modern scuba diving has been around for close to 70 years and has become one of the most popular pastimes for people from all walks of life.  It offers unique views into a world that while very common and known to all, can only be experienced by engaging in the sport.  But even with this, […]

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