February 27, 2021

5 Ways To Use Less Gas When Scuba Diving

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2020: without a doubt the year that we realised that there is much more to life than 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. We learnt new things, such as how to wear a face covering correctly, or how to follow arrows in a supermarket… but most importantly, we learnt what is on our doorstep and that there is more to life than just ‘paying the bills’. We realised how important family and friends are – perhaps even who our real ones were… but without getting into too much of a deep conversation… hopefully we also learnt that we can change, adapt and overcome things that we never thought we could. 

I hear so many times, that divers who love diving, want to make it their career. Something which is not so much the ‘done thing’ in the UK. I understand that the UK does not offer the nearly 365-days-a-year clear and warm waters like some of our abroad locations, but the UK is definitely awesome in its own right… As divers, I am sure you would already agree with this anyway. So, what is the real reason that is stopping you? 

I can only speculate with ones that I have most heard: 

  • ‘there’s no money in diving’. 
  • ‘there’s no work in the UK, and nowhere good to dive’
  • ‘nobody wants to learn in the UK’

Are any of these being ticked off your list?

All of the above were phrases that stuck with me, having had them said time and time again when I was looking to become an instructor. If all of the above were true though, maybe consider that there are lots of successful dive centres here in the UK… and if nobody wants to dive here, join the ever growing number of instructors trying to promote the amazing UK coastline, and encourage divers to see what is right on their doorstep.

After becoming an instructor, starting to teach doesn’t even need to be that complicated. Try this equation: 1 shed + 1 bathroom = a dive centre. This is the exact equation that worked for me, and got me to where I wanted to be. I didn’t have the money for a fancy dive centre in the middle of town, but had the ambition to make it work. So, I bought a shed as a kit room and purchased five sets of equipment. Not too much of a complicated or expensive combination to start instructing? Appreciated, at the time living with my mum, I am not too sure that she appreciated my new found drying room (bathroom) as the most practicable solution… but we all have to start somewhere and do what we can with determination to make it happen. 

So my advice to anyone wanting their New Years resolution to become a PADI Pro… Having been there and done it, it most definitely is possible. Maybe now is the time to reflect and finally take that leap of faith and teach the world to dive. If you have a shed and a bathroom to hand, you’re already part of the way there!

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