July 3, 2022

Marine Life Spotted by Guests at Belize Dive Haven

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Marine Life Spotted by Guests at Belize Dive Haven

We’ve welcomed a number of dive groups to our resort and toured countless dive excursions all over Belize last year. During that time, guests have spotted a wide variety of marine life. Here is a brief snapshot of some of the fish, coral and other underwater sea life you could encounter during your trip.

There are countless colourful reef fish swimming in and around the coral. Hundreds of diverse species can exist in a small area of coral reef and their vibrant markings make for beautiful underwater photos.

Box Fish

Pictured here is an Angelfish.

Groupers are found in the reef all around Belize. They spawn in December and January, making for a unique diving experience.

Though beautiful, lionfish are an invasive species in Belize and are often spotted on dives.
When diving and snorkelling around Belize, you’ll likely see one of the three species of rays found in the area. Southern stingrays, spotted eagle rays and manta rays can be found floating along the sea bed.

A diver during a recent trip snapped this photo of a southern stingray.

Blending in with its surroundings, lobsters can be spotted in and around the reef if you look closely.

Belize is home to many different species of sea turtles. Pictured here is a leatherback turtle.

Pictured here is an endangered hawksbill turtle that makes its home in the coral reefs around Belize.

The temperature of the Caribbean Sea makes it the perfect home for a variety of sharks. There are over 300 different shark species swimming around Belize, including the popular whale and nurse sharks.

Pictured here is a curious, but friendly, Caribbean reef shark that was seen by a dive group not too long ago.

Usually peeking out of a hole in the reef, green moray eels are a common sight in this underwater paradise.
Like the green moray eels, this spotted moray eel makes its home among the coral.
It’s not uncommon for conical sea cucumbers to roam near the reefs in Belize. These slow-moving creatures are an integral part of a healthy reef ecosystem.

With its expert camouflage skills, it can be hard to distinguish an octopus amongst the coral.

We thank all the guests that have shared their beautiful underwater photos and invite you to explore the wonder of the Caribbean Sea with us on a scuba vacation.

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Just 30 miles from Belize City, Belize Dive Haven is located in pristine Turneffe Atoll. Consisting of creeks, lagoons, mangrove islands and cays, the atoll is home to over 500 species of fish, 65 different species of stony corals as well as birds, turtles, manatees and dolphins.

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