November 27, 2021

A Big Win for Seahorses

By Scubaverse

The Seahorse Trust have announced that they are delighted to see that Etsy has updated its policy on Endangered or Threatened Wildlife Products, clarifying that it prohibits the sale of products made from seahorses alongside many other endangered or threatened animals.

While seahorses are protected under Appendix II of CITES (species of which Etsy normally allows the sale of), given the serious risk of extinction faced by the species we applaud their decision to include them on the list of banned species.

This highly encouraging news comes after a long campaign by The Seahorse Trust against the sale of real seahorses in jewellery, trinkets and traditional medicine through online platforms, which has included extensive efforts to engage with Etsy as well as the launch of a petition to ‘Stop the sale of real seahorses on Etsy’ which gained over 55,000 signatories.

Neil Garrick-Maidment, Founder and Executive Director of The Seahorse Trust said:

With an estimated 150 million seahorses killed each year and seahorses projected to be extinct within 20 years, it is critical that trade in these vulnerable animals is prevented from continuing to threaten their survival. As such, it is hugely encouraging to see many of the world’s largest online marketplaces and information platforms, stepping up to shut down the trade. It is fantastic to see that Etsy, like Ebay, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba and others, has now made clear that the sale of threatened seahorses through its platform is not acceptable. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported The Seahorse Trust in calling on Etsy and other companies to stop the sale of seahorses. Seahorse sales have now been banned across all of the major global online marketplaces, potentially saving huge numbers of animals each year.”

For more information about the work of The Seahorse Trust visit their website by clicking here.

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