July 3, 2022

Coral Spawning Predictions for Curacao and the Southern Caribbean

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PADI® and PADI AWARE Foundation have launched an ambitious new initiative to establish the world’s largest network of conservation sites aimed at safeguarding ocean habitats and species threatened with extinction. Managed by the PADI AWARE Foundation, Adopt The Blue™ will activate a global network of dive sites across the planet to establish more Marine Protected Areas with the support of PADI Members, divers, and ocean torchbearers.

Over the next decade, the Adopt The Blue programme will serve as the connective tissue to drive forward PADI’s Blueprint For Ocean Action, the organisation’s roadmap that underpins all local conservation efforts on marine debris, protection of vulnerable species, restoration of coral reef systems and tackling climate change. These local actions, when replicated and scaled up, will truly help drive global impact.

“Our goal is to create 10,000 Adopt The Blue sites by 2025, working with local communities and PADI operators to accelerate local conservation efforts where they are most needed, and to actively contribute towards protecting 30% of the ocean by 2030,” says Danna Moore, Director of PADI AWARE Foundation.

Since the launch on World Oceans Day this month, 301 sites have been adopted covering a total area of 3159742652m².

Adopt The Blue is supported by PADI MPA Programme founding partner Blancpain, who shares a rich history rooted in the exploration and preservation of the world’s oceans. Together, PADI and Blancpain are committed to establishing the largest inventory of Marine Protected Areas in the world.

PADI’s Mission Hubs are at the heart of Adopt The Blue – the 6,600 dive centres and resorts and more than 128,000 professional members worldwide who will serve as the backbone for the programme’s global footprint, providing unprecedented scale and unmatched potential for participants to take direct action that will drive measurable conservation impact at the local level – all tied to the global commitment to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030.

“Over the years we have been consistently amazed by the passion and readiness of the diving community to take action where and when it’s needed. With the scale and support of our mission hubs, divers and ocean torchbearers will be able to help countries meet their ocean conservation commitments as well as driving forward the creation of coastal MPAs,” continues Moore. “This global collective effort of meaningful action at local levels will help us move the needle on the most urgent conservation issues facing our blue planet.”

The programme does not require Adopt The Blue sites to be diveable, meaning PADI Members can identify any underwater site anywhere in the world that is important to them. These sites could contain an iconic habitat or species, such as mangroves, shallow water seagrass beds, nursery sites, or breeding grounds; even sites that are of particular economic benefit to local communities – as they all contribute to PADI’s overall vision to restore balance between humanity and the ocean. Once the sites are adopted and listed on the Adopt The Blue platform, PADI AWARE Foundation will coordinate the appropriate local, regional and national conservation efforts.

To join the network, visit www.padi.com/aware/AdoptTheBlue/Join.