November 27, 2021

Hollis Showcases New Wing Systems for 2022

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Hollis has showcased their ST Elite and DT wing systems for 2022. Check out the details below.


This ST Elite brings together Hollis’s most popular single-tank components into a single system. It features an adjustable harness system for an improved, comfortable fit and a backplate for added stability. The ST Elite System has many options for customization based on your style of diving. The standard ST Elite includes a 35-pound capacity wing, stainless backplate and cam bands, and a back pad. For divers looking to travel to warm destinations, the ST Elite Travel System comes with a 22-pound wing, aluminum backplate and cam bands, and a back pad.

Designed for diving twin tanks, this tough, heavy-duty system includes all of the necessary components for a backplate and wing system in one pre-assembled kit. The DT system uses a stainless steel backplate outfitted with a continuous-weave solo harness. It includes the new Hollis Backplate Backpad 2.0, which is designed to pivot out of the way when installing your kit on a set of doubles. The DT50 wing provides plenty of lift and can accommodate various sized double cylinders. The wing design also promotes greater lift toward the hips for improved horizontal trim.