November 27, 2021

Endangered Mako Sharks win vital protection

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It is always exciting to hear about a new series dedicated to sharks and this offering from Sky Nature was no exception. The three part series, presented by shark expert Steve Backshall, was released on the 7th November and we recently binged watch all three episodes.

What Sky say about it: Steve Backshall, a naturalist and shark expert, gets us closer to sharks, to encounter a diverse and incredible family of over 400 different types. This global journey will take us to the remotest parts of our planet, from the sun-drenched tropics to the mysterious depths of our oceans. Teaming up with world-leading scientists, Steve will make stunning discoveries, revealing glow in the dark sharks, sharks that walk on land and ancient sharks over 400 years old. Now more than ever this incredible family needs our help. Every hour we lose over 11,000 sharks to overfishing, shark finning and habitat destruction. Steve will confront the uncomfortable truths and join shark advocates across the globe to help turn the tide for sharks. Coming eye to eye with this feared yet misunderstood predator, Steve will reveal sharks in a brand new light.

You can watch the trailer here:

Each episode covered a different ocean: Atlantic, Indian and Pacific and sought to bring the viewer information about the sharks that live there, the conservation efforts going into protecting them and amazing facts about the species included, all illustrated with incredible footage of the sharks themselves.

It was so refreshing to watch a series that talked about how important sharks are to the marine ecosystem and Steve is as enthusiastic and passionate as ever. The series celebrates shark diversity and looks at some of the more unusual shark species such as the Tassled Wobbegong, Greenland and Epaulette Sharks, in addition to the well-known iconic sharks.

Steve stresses that the biggest threat to sharks is fishing and that many species are on the verge of excitation unless immediate action is taken. He talks about habitat loss. In each episode he meets, dives with and discusses the work of shark scientists around the world.

We really enjoyed this three part series. It was informative and had stunning shark footage. As divers who love being in the water with sharks, it was great to see destinations and dives featured in the series that we know and love. But the best thing about it was that is portrayed sharks in the same way that other species are portrayed in nature series, with no hyperbole or sensationalism. Just as it should be.

We are excited to learn that there will be an additional episode, dedicated to UK sharks, aired sometime after Christmas.