November 27, 2021

Popular Belize Dive Destination: Eagle Ray Wall

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Popular Belize Dive Destination: Eagle Ray Wall

Each time you decide to scuba dive in Belize, you have the opportunity to experience a whole new adventure! This is because Belize is rich with gorgeous and unique dive sites for divers of all experience levels. One of our favourite places to dive in Belize is Eagle Ray Wall.

What Is Eagle Ray Wall?
Located within The Lighthouse Reef, Eagle Ray Wall can be accessed about 30-130 feet under the surface of the ocean, very close to Belize Dive Haven. Eagle Ray Wall is rich with colourful coral, plant, and animal life, with a variety of beautiful creatures depending on the time of day you choose to visit. While Eagle Ray Wall is recommended for intermediate-level divers, there are also more shallow areas surrounding the wall that can be accessed by snorkelers of any level!

Marine Life You Can Expect To See During A Dive
Within Eagle Ray Wall lives a community of several beautiful and vibrant sea creatures who call Belize their home. Of course, as its name suggests, Eagle Rays are commonly spotted swimming gracefully through the area, flying through the water on their wide wings. A variety of fish and shark species can also be spotted throughout Eagle Ray Wall either swimming through or making a home in the grottos of the rocks.

Coral You Can Expect To See During A Dive
Eagle Ray Wall is also home to several kinds of magnificent coral that have made Belize an amazing place to dive and explore. Rich coral and red sponge cups align the area, with coral branches between 60 and 65 feet deep. The plant life at Eagle Ray Wall is beautiful and scenic, enhancing any photography taken at the site, and allowing divers an incredible up-close view of the incredible flora of Belize.

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