May 24, 2022

Apeks Announces New Scuba Wetsuit and SMB Reel for 2022

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Apeks has announced a new 8/7-mm hooded scuba wetsuit and a heavy-duty SMB reel for 2022. Check out the details below.

  • Apeks TermiQ Advanced 8/7mm Jumpsuit
  • Apeks Lifeline Ascend SMB Reel


This 8/7-mm suit is made from limestone-based neoprene instead of the traditional chemical-based petroleum neoprene, making it more environmentally-friendly. The 8-mm core provides extra insulation where it is needed and is lined with a fast-drying fleece interior for additional warmth. 7-mm neoprene use in the arms and legs provides flexibility without sacrificing insulation. The suit has an integrated fleece-lined hood. A chest zipper makes it easy to get the suit on and off by oneself. Internal cuffs at the forearms and lower leg minimize water intrusion. Two large cargo pockets provide room for extra gear. The suit comes with a changing mat that doubles as a drawstring bag.


This rugged reel is made of forged and anodized aluminum with a grippy, ergonomic rubber handle. The high-tensile-strength, high-visibility line is available in lengths of 197 feet/60 meters and 98 feet/30 meters. Users can easily change the reel from a left- or right-handed configuration. There is an integrated SMB attachment point for easy storage and deployment of the Apeks SMB. The handle features a stainless-steel attachment point for securing the reel to a D-ring, BCD or pocket.